Russian Blue
Russian Blue: This beautiful Russian Blue cat was one of the ones that was up for adoption at the local PetSmart. She had the most beautiful eyes. Taken August 22, 2002.
Posted on 08.22.02 in Nature
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I think Russian Blue cats are so pretty. I have a cat whose 3 years old and looks exactly like this cat. Her name is Queen Sheba. I love cats especially Russian Blue and tabbies.

Posted by: Charlicia Sparks on 05.30.05

my best freind has a russion blue cat her name is noel it is a funny story how she got the name she got it beacause my freinds family was at a christmas pagent and noel just walked in there and sat on my frends lap so noel got a christmas name

Posted by: shannon smith on 12.22.05

love you

Posted by: shelby futrel on 01.11.06
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