In the Garden
In the Garden: Me in the garden at The Bellagio on the day we left. Behind me is their butterfly hatchery. Taken May 14, 2003.


Posted by: Al on 11.06.03

Goddess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jose Becerra on 04.20.04

ur really preatty

Posted by: on 09.03.04

I could fall for you any time!

Posted by: Dan on 12.24.04

oh my God you have the best boobs ever.

Posted by: on 01.03.05

Wowww ..sooooo beautifull,gorgeous and pretty..most beautifull girl i have ever seen

Posted by: kevin on 05.07.05

roll on the cheese chattup lines huh. Some people (men) are so predictable

Posted by: kusezaru on 05.12.05

I agree with kusezaru...hahaha

Posted by: bryan on 05.23.05

see ya online for techbytes

Posted by: tang on 05.25.05

Yeah, I agree with the horny guys. You are pretty hot. Stay that way!

Posted by: Christopher Vondenhuevel on 08.05.05

ur smile is beautiful

Posted by: nabil on 09.22.06
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