Lomized Me
Lomized Me: Me at the Houston Zoo. I lomoized the picture and was really pleased with how the colors came out. Taken April 12, 2003.

How did you lomoize the photo? I know about using the Lomo camera to get the color effects, but never thought of doing it to other pictures. :-) Great pic and colors too!

Posted by: Pam on 05.21.03

Yeah, how do you "lomoize" a picture, it looks really neat!

Posted by: Kristina on 05.22.03

Nevermind, i found the link at redscreen.com or wherever! :)

Posted by: Kristina on 05.22.03

it's redscreen.net :)

Posted by: kim on 07.14.03

what i'd like to know is how you got it so that your photoblog shows different sizes :)

Posted by: Luka on 03.05.04

your picture nice. i like your picture. please -----

Posted by: saiful islam Mazumder on 12.07.04

Is that vraiment you? My savior? And in Houston, no less. Some day I must tell you about my days in Houston.

Posted by: R J Keefe on 12.22.04
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