Matching Cat
Matching Cat: Steven bought this rug back in December not realizing that Bella matches the colors perfectly. Taken April 12, 2003.

Ohhh, she is just GORGEOUS. Makes me soooo jealous, and I miss my kitty even more now. I will have to live my kitty life vicariously through you. :D

Posted by: Tricia on 05.29.03

Awww... Bella! Jason just asked me the other day how she was doing and I told him that you were loving her a lot! She looks so happy!

Posted by: Christine on 06.03.03

Most excellent :) I too have a Maine Coon (Toutou) who could be related to Bella! I only have a couple of pictures right now in my blog, scroll down and check out page 2 :) You have fantastic pictures by the way! Cheers!

Posted by: Sleepless on 05.27.04


Posted by: catphish on 02.05.05
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