Houston Lomoized
Houston Lomoized: The Houston skyline as snapped from Steven's car on the Allen Parkway. It was lomoized in Photoshop to produce the rich colors. You can view the untouched version of the same picture here. Taken April 12, 2003.
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Little changes.. I like it.

Posted by: Tudy on 05.25.03

I like the colors. ;)

Posted by: nastybastard on 06.12.03

Very blue. I like it.

Posted by: Mariela on 06.20.03

wow - just beautiful!!

Posted by: eve on 06.24.03

What program are you using to edit these photos? I am getting photoshop 7.0 soon. So excited!


Check this out:


Posted by: Photo Blogger on 08.19.03

Great SHOT! Permission to copy it for a blog entry only?

Posted by: mark on 08.30.03

I like your deep blue selection and the eye shots.

Posted by: keyword analysis on 10.22.03

I think the Lomo-version doesn't do the original justice, at all. I'd even say the first one looks more rich in colors and Lomorized than the second ;) Great shot!

Posted by: Anabella on 11.11.03

Oh, I miss my old hometown sometimes! Great shot!

Posted by: Chris on 11.20.03

downtown h-town is nice. i wanna go to the aquarium.

maybe mom will let me kick it at DV8 at the roxy tonight... that would be fun!

found you on ringsurf.

Posted by: Ryan on 11.24.03

Just found your blog, it was the blog that showed up on my blogsnob link. I enjoyed your site! I enjoy photography as a hobby and have started putting some of my pictures on my blog. Not as many or a good as yours, but still a fellow blogging photog!

Posted by: Johnny on 03.19.04

all I can say is wow... awesome picture.

Posted by: logtar on 03.22.04

Nice pic ... next time roll down the window .. i can see your reflection

Posted by: sekure on 04.16.04

Well, I like the original better. The edited version seems too bright. I have almost the exact same picture, took it a few months ago while Mike was driving.

Great Site!!


Posted by: SS on 07.21.04

houston's a great city, no?

Posted by: kandi cook on 08.16.04

i like the design alot, i am trying to write a blog about famous metal buildings and steel structures, thanks

Posted by: steel buildings on 01.14.05

I love this photo! Photography has always been an interest of mine. I'll be visiting your site often. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: sapere aude on 02.15.05

Nice photos!
Waiting for your updates and wish you good luck! :)

Posted by: Nickolas on 05.17.06
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