Houston Skyline
Houston Skyline: The Houston skyline as snapped from Steven's car on the Allen Parkway. You can view a lomoized version of the same picture here. Taken April 12, 2003.
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look isnt houston gorgeous

Posted by: on 08.21.03

Houston's skyline is underrated. I live in one of the best skylines in the world (Chicago) and to tell you the truth, Houston is one of the best skylines to look at.

Posted by: D Foto on 09.04.03

Looking at Houston remind me why I live here

Posted by: tk on 09.27.03

i agree with that. houston's skyline is tight. many businesses are starting to move there which will add to the activity.

Posted by: randy on 10.16.03

Wow....that is so nice to hear.
I live in Houston and it is gorgeous, but no one ever thinks so.
Very Refreshing to see that the word is getting out!

Posted by: Crystal on 10.24.03

i've lived in houston all of my 18 years, yet only once have i really been downtown to see the buildings up close. that pic looks very nice.

Posted by: dot on 11.25.03

That is a nice shot. My favorite view of downtown Houston is coming up 288 from the Medical Center. You can also get a gorgeous view of downtown, midtown, and Hermann Park from the top floors of MD Anderson and St. Luke's in the Medical Center.

Posted by: DF on 03.13.04

moved to houston from dallas and love it. houston does have a great skyline. a good view is on south west freeway as you go over westchase pkwy...nice view of the galleria skyline and houston in the background.

Posted by: david on 10.16.04

I think Houston is one of the best cities in world. The skyline is so beautiful and the downtown attractions are so awsome. I lived in Dallas and their downtown was so boring! I simply love it here dispite the humidity! I wish Houston would get more national attention and to get the word out that Houston really is one of best places to live.

Posted by: daniel summers on 01.14.05

hey just hotught I'd say hi and let you Houstonians know that I'm planning to join to live in that city as soon as I get out of college.

Posted by: Tommy on 03.16.05

Hey, this be dat gurl Ka'Mya reppin' that 3rd ward of Houston, Texas. I would like to say that I was born and raised here in Houston and looking at our skyline makes me proud to be a native of Houston, Texas. For people who don't know, Houston is the biggest and best city to live in throughout the state of Texas. That's why I will remain in Houston for the rest of my life. I am Houston proud and I let the world know. I love you HOUSTON, TEXAS!!!

Posted by: Ka'Mya H. on 06.07.05

I grew up in Houston and used to want nothing more than to get out, but now that I am in college in Indiana, I miss it!! Houston really does have a great night life, an excellent museum district, and countless other things. I can't wait to go back home to H-town and appreciate being there.

Posted by: Ally on 10.08.05

Man I love this city so much! I grew up about 80 miles east of Houston when I was a kid I always knew I wanted to live in Houston and I do! driving up 45 from Galveston there are some great views of Downtown! so check it out the next time you'er stuck in traffic on 45 north at 5 p.m. LOL

Posted by: joseph on 12.19.05

I love Houston too!

Posted by: Jesse Engebretson on 12.31.05

I lived in Houston until 1979, but I still visit as often as I can. I love this city so much, and I would love more than anything to be able to live there again. My husband, however, does not want to move off the Eastern Shore of Maryland (huge ditch), so I feel forever separated from the city I love. I used to love driving east on Katy Freeway early in the morning as the sun was rising, listening to KENR full blast. That was back before FM radio! I miss you and love you, Houston.

Posted by: Tina Niblett on 01.25.06

Houston...Home, elegance, beautiful people, growing metropolis. 4th largest city in the U.S.....What more do you need to know??? Houston will always be my home.

Posted by: Daniel B. on 06.28.06
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