Guppies: The fancy tail on the guppy in the front was so beautiful. It looked like a monarch butterfly's wing to me. Taken August 22, 2002.
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i think the pics are realy pretty of the guppy in front off the picture

Posted by: amy on 05.06.04

I agree if you had cut it's tail off and showed it to me i would have thought it part of a butterfly

Posted by: yasmeen on 05.29.04

This picture if friggen awesoem! i love guppy's! they are the best pet!

Posted by: Chris Lovely on 01.08.05

hey! what beautiful guppies, I love guppies and i have a bunch as pets myself! you have some beautiful fish!

Posted by: Lashonda Thompson on 02.26.05

Strangley enough, that is actually called a 'Butterfly' Guppy! :)

Posted by: Bumblebee on 04.02.05

your fsh are very pretty

Posted by: kat on 07.27.05

i love guppies its tail looks like a monarchs wing

Posted by: estefanie on 03.05.06

GUPPIES are pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Maria DeLeon on 10.16.06
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