Snail Shell
Snail Shell: A couple of years ago Steven, his parents, and I went on a gambling trip to Louisiana with a group of people. Part of the package included dinner at a fancy restaurant. One of the appetizers was escargot, which Steven's dad ordered. I tried some (honestly, it mostly tasted like butter), but what I really liked was the snail shell. I have this thing for snails and I doodle them all over the place. I half-jokingly said that I'd love to take the shell home, so Steven's mom dunked it in her water glass to clean it and gave it to me to take home. It sits on my desk now. Taken September 16, 2002.
Posted on 09.16.02 in Nature
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this is a good picture

Posted by: Michelle Dunn on 11.07.02

The photo is beautiful The snail shell is similar to one I found and was trying to classify for zoology!!

Posted by: darlene on 04.29.03
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