Cicada: I was going into the house when I happened to look over and notice this tiny cicada on the side of the roof. I am amazed that this picture turned out. Taken September 15, 2002.
Posted on 09.15.02 in Nature
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When I saw this picture, it took my breath away. I mean, just look at that beautiful locust! It is a work of art! And the sound they make! Don't get me started!

Posted by: Lauren Linsner on 02.07.03

That's a beautiful picture but I'd like to point out that it's not a locust, rather a cicada. A relatively unrelated insect that happened to be my favorite as a child. We'd have our trees in the yard covered with their discarded exoskeletons left from molting after they came out of the ground. Great blog though!

Posted by: thad judkins on 04.12.03

That is by far the most stunning picture I have ever seen!!! But I do feel obligated to inform you that the beautiful creature you captured on film is not a cicada, rather it is a rare species, a form of Sicilian Cockroach which was referred to in the Puerto Rican gangster film starring Al Pacino, "Scarface".

Posted by: ellis on 04.18.04

Well, this looks like what the people here in Jackson County KY call a "Jar Fly", very different from a cicada or a locust. Just thought I would share that with you nature lovers.

Posted by: Tasha Peters on 05.10.04

From Kentucky and Illinois, yep it is indeed a jar fly, neither a cicada nor a locust, but does make the same sound! Quite harmless and sooooo much fun to play with!

Posted by: Barbara Asher on 06.25.04

I have seen 3 of these guys in my yard in Houston, Texas within the past month. I thought they were Cicadas, but now I'm confused. Are these the same critters that leave their shells everywhere? I thought the shells were from locusts. And are locusts and Cicadas the same thing? Thanks for the info.

Posted by: Kim on 07.15.04

Cicadas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and eye ball shapes. My opinion is this is in fact a cicada.

Posted by: Stan on 09.04.04

This is a cicada. Some confusion may occur because of the fact that in the South the common name is tree locust. Most people are aware, I think, that it's not a true locust, which is a grasshopper-like insect.

Posted by: Sam on 07.12.06
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