Mini M&Ms
Mini M&Ms: Christine and I went to the candy store at the mall to get her some gummi cherries. I though the mini M&Ms might make for an interesting shot so I took some pictures, even though the clerk thought I was crazy. This is my 1000 Words a Day post. Taken July 30, 2002.
Posted on 07.30.02 in Food
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its a funny picture! ..
thank you very much for taking this picture, Im doing a computers class work, that consists of doing a magazine, and i found this picture for my article! ..
tkan you !

Posted by: jessica on 05.27.03

They are yummy

Posted by: cody on 06.19.03

I luv M&M's there the best be better if there was new colors in them...

Posted by: Krista on 10.24.03

I thick M&ms are raelly good

Posted by: Nicole on 03.30.04

yay for m&ms

Posted by: elise on 03.21.06

this is great

Posted by: on 09.06.06

this is an awesome picture for my thank you card for my upcoming wedding. thanks

Posted by: Margaret on 09.26.06
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