Big Pink Cookie
Big Pink Cookie: Christine and I went to Starbuck's yesterday to get her some lemon pound cake. While there we noticed this big pink cookie. It cracked me up that the description on the tag actually said, "Big Pink Cookie." Christine and I came back today to take a picture of the sign that amused me so much. They had the cookies today, but not the little tag. Fortunately the girl behind the counter was kind enough to find the tag and put it on the tray so that I could get my picture. Consider this my 1000 Words a Day post. Taken July 25, 2002.
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Big Pink Cookie! ;)

Posted by: Christine on 07.25.02

I love it! That's just great! :) That's so cool that the sweet girl behind the counter found the sign for you! The pink and white stripes remind me of Christine's pink and white skin, with the pictures of her :)

Posted by: kristine on 07.25.02

how did u make such a cool skin for your site?

Posted by: rebekah on 12.15.02

Coooollllllll......nice site... keep it work ok!

Posted by: Imanuel on 01.28.03

sweeeeeeet!!! damnit, I work at Starbucks and we don't have big pink cookies!! I want one.....

Posted by: Derek on 12.03.03

I would like that recipe please it looks very very good and i need cookies on christmas please contact me you know my e-mail.

Posted by: Anna on 12.21.05
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