Gold Oranda
Gold Oranda: We haven't bought any new fish since September and we lost our oldest fish, Arnold, in late October, we decided to hit the big fish store and see if they had anyone that we wanted. We ended up with this big, beautiful oranda. Taken January 5, 2003.
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Posted by: cepot on 02.25.03

they are gorgeous,I have koi

Posted by: elli on 03.01.03

I just got a gold oranda. That one is awesome!

Posted by: Sarah on 07.07.03

It's beautiful! I have an 8" red cap oranda

Posted by: ejay on 09.10.03

i had one but i lost, i love fishes, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, ill be waiting for more, and hope ill be keeper soon

Posted by: jaquilou on 09.20.03

Yuo know thats a Calico Oranda? Beautiful! Bello!!!! I see that you really take care of it. I have 4 orandas, a Red Cap, a Gold, a Black & Gold, and for me it looks like a Gray and Gold oranda!!! Its really gray. Im a beginner with orandas but I try to learn alot. I used to have a calico but it died out of mouth fungus and other bacterias which I didnt know of. Please take care of your beautiful Calico! The colors are so vibrant!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Marilyn Mendez Martinez on 09.28.03

i just got my first red cap oranda today . he is only about 3 iches :) i named him peaches.

Posted by: BRI on 10.13.03

thats a graet gold fish ive got one of them but a red cap oranda

Posted by: wilfred on 10.22.03

I think that is one of the most beautiful oranda I've ever seen! I have a few of them. they are in breeding season

Posted by: Hashim Long on 03.22.04

It is cool, I have a 9 inch black oranda tha ive had since i was 8 and now im 13

Posted by: Zack on 06.20.04

hey, its june 21, i just bought a red mettallic oranda a few hours ago and it looks EXACTLY like the one at this one oranda site. it said a fish that looked like that was considered to be worth being in a competition.

Posted by: xx-the-dude-xx on 06.21.04

i just got 2 orandas a week ago. A red and a blue. They are only babies. They dont have caps yet. Yours is beautiful. I hope mine will look like that some day!

Posted by: rayray on 08.31.04

Hey, I got 3 oranda fish today. I absolutely love them to death. I fell in love with them b/c they look exactly like my 2 English Bulldogs! I need for information on how to take care of these fish. Also, is this fish a breeding fish cuz I'd love to have more of these fish. I absolutely love them to death!

Posted by: Amy on 09.11.04

That is an exraordinary oranda. I just got a new aquarium...I wanted to know if the Calico Oranda is hardy or delicate. I would like to buy one. Also, is it a fish that needs many plants and is cloudy water normal in a new tank? Can i still put fish in it when its cloudy?

Posted by: Lucas on 09.12.04

My hobby is maitaining aquariums and I hahe 4 orandas, 2 red caps , 6 rickings.They all are quite big,I've bein maintainig them for nearly 2years.I'am sure no body could tell me anything bad about my fish, they are perfect. For that I give my pets a varried diet to be healthy,to have a agood gell and a colour.

Posted by: kaveesha on 12.25.05

Just bought our first orandas, 3 weeks ago, a red cap and a pearl/black/brown. the latter was doing great (cost a lot too), then stated acting like he was disoriented, rolling, swimming backwards and either hovered on the bottom of tank or at the top, really weird , found him dead today... dont know what happened...any ideas please.

Posted by: Zaney on 12.30.05

i have seen your picture above. you call this fish a
"gold"oranda? i never seen a gold oranda like this? it's beautiful!!!!! i would love to have one of this calibur. the black spotting on this oranda is outstanding. are you a whole saler? if so, can i get info from you for my buyer? Aquatics Unlimited, here in Greenfield, Wisconsin. they are the best sellers here in Wisconsin as far as I'm concerned. If not, and you sell them yourself to someone like myself, please contact me either way! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Kris.

Posted by: kristine kaurich on 12.30.05

I just love all the Oranda fish I have just started to have them in our home but i have only one problem I can't tell the males from the females can you please help me??????

Posted by: Hope Myers on 02.19.06

I have two Red Cap Oranda. One layed on the bottom for approx. 3 mo. on his side. I went out every day and pushed him around and he would swim for about three feet and then lay on the bottom again.. Off to the Dr. and he said to feed him peas. I waited for a week or two and had the ideal of tying a cork to his dorsil fin. I used a fishing string about eight inches long and returned him to the pond. He figured out he could swim and not turn over,so he was a very happy fish... After about two weeks the cork came off and he has continued to swim and act normal.

Posted by: c mcdonel on 04.16.06

very nice lookin fish

Posted by: daniel on 04.19.06

Does anyone know if Orandas lay eggs or have baby fish? I recently purchased a beautiful red cap oranda and I have a feeling she is about to have babies and I don't know what to do to prepare for it. Help

Posted by: LAURIE on 06.04.06

this is an unusual oranda, i have five orandas, but i dont have one like this(i do have a rare one, black and white, though, one that was totally black now is turning parsley orange, tails are still black, (they are wonderful fish, and pets)(i have them spoiled)(they love romain lettuce and the simply love oranges, smileeee keeps them healthy and happy,

Posted by: annette on 09.05.06
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