Peahen: Jeanna and I were walking through the Rainforst Pyramid at Moody Gardens when we heard a little sound coming from around the corner. We looked around and saw this bird that we think is a peahen. Taken September 28, 2002.
Posted on 10.04.02 in Nature
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thank you! saw similar bird in my backyard in lawrenceville, NJ and thought i was having a hallucination. did you ever get identification of her?


Posted by: Linda on 03.22.03

Sorry, that photo is not of any known peahen color type...It is in the peafowl (Pavo) famly. Check out our web page and the two books I wrote call "THE WACKY WORLD OF PEAFOWL"

Peacock Information Center

Posted by: Dennis Fett on 03.18.05

Forgot to give our web page:

Posted by: Dennis Fett on 03.18.05

Well I to have adopted a peahen in my back yard here in Kansas City. She has been here in thebackyard of my work, a radio station (KCNW), for 2 weeks now. I feed her everything from wild bird seed to cheerios; she's not picky. I discovered her one day as I came in to work. I opened up the drapes and she was standind there staring into my window which is now everyday! I named her "PEEK". She can stay.

Posted by: Anthony Norman on 08.04.05
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