Fishy Beauty
Fishy Beauty: This was such a beautiful fish that I had to take a picture. Taken September 28, 2002.
Posted on 10.04.02 in Fish
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i am very intersted to Make bussiness in fish gifts Industry

Posted by: Ziad Tarwneh on 08.09.03

That is a very beautiful fish. I saw one of them in a pet store. It made me sorta sad to see one in a tank. They look way better when roaming free...

Posted by: Unknown on 05.24.04

I'm in fish bussiness,I wounder if i can find pictures for most fish with names.
And i'm also looking for some companies that inersted to buy.

Posted by: Alsorayhi on 04.10.06

ummm yea this is a nice fish u got here

Posted by: Jennifer on 04.30.06


i very much like this fish n would want 2 buy one ..... by any chance would u kno how much it would cost to buy one ??? well yea g2g

ttyl ^^^^^
that wuz just a joke dont take me serious
\\\ ... k ...///

Posted by: doesnt matter on 04.30.06

um i was wondering what type of fish is this?

Posted by: e on 08.01.06
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