Hellcat: This was a lucky picture I snapped as Bella made a leap for her feather right towards me. I think it captures "Movement" perfectly, so it is my submission for Rannie's 100K Photo Contest for category three. Taken September 12, 2002.

AH! That is so great! Look at her go at that thing! You have to get someone else to wave the wand so you can get a picture of her standing up like that godzilla style. I want fuzzy, swaying belly photos! heh.

Great contest contribution. :)

Posted by: Cis on 09.13.02

I looked at this and my bird made a noise when he saw the screen! Eerie.

Posted by: matt on 09.15.02

I would call it catzilla, but then those nasty lawyers come after you . . .

Posted by: matt on 09.15.02

this cat pic is so cute

Posted by: Tabatha on 06.29.03

I have you now!

Posted by: on 01.23.04
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