Crayons: My friend Jeanna got me a stained glass coloring book (the pages are made out of special paper so that if you hang them in the window they look like stained glass). The subject is, of course, sea life. I didn't have any crayons in the house, so I bought a big box of 96 Crayola crayons. It made me remember all the great time I spent happily coloring when I was younger either in a book or on paper. Taken September 7, 2002.
Posted on 09.07.02 in Things
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Oh this is nostalgiac. It reminds me of those days when you start out with a fresh box of crayons, it seems like the whole world is in front of you and you can create anything.

Posted by: matt on 09.09.02

Ahhh, crayons! They are some of the most beautiful things on earth.. hehe I don't know why, but there you go!

Therefore, I love this photo. Yay!

Posted by: Elisabeth on 09.14.02

man who doesn't like a new box of crayons? :-P kudos!!

Posted by: oreo luva on 01.07.04
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