Sitting Up Sleepy
Sitting Up Sleepy: Bella was sitting on the couch when she suddenly was overwhelmed with sleepiness. She closed her eyes and dozed while sitting upright. Taken September 1, 2002.

Oh my! That is hillarious! I have never seen any of my kitties do that! :D She is quite a beautiful cat! I am going to come back and look at the rest of your kitty pics, when I am not so tired.

Posted by: Ioma on 09.03.02

Funniest picture. Ever. I keep laughing so hard I'm going to cry!

Posted by: Christine on 09.03.02

that is the cutest thing ever!!

Posted by: Camille on 09.03.02

OMG!!! The cutest. I Luv kitties. And i have a cat that looks exactly like this one. her name is Nala. i can send u pics the resemblence is uncanny.

Posted by: Dustin on 11.02.02

Maine Coon correct? Main Coons have a tendency to do this :)

Posted by: Trunks on 04.17.03
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