Glass Fish
Glass Fish: I used to think that these glass fish were the coolest looking things until I learned that the dye is really injected into the fish and it's not good for them. Now I feel sad whenever I see them. Taken August 22, 2002.
Posted on 08.22.02 in Fish
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OMGosh I have been looking for this fish online forever and NOW i found a pic of it. These fish are the EXACT same colors in my room. I just got a ten gallon tank hope to get of few of these babies!!

Posted by: Julia A on 01.26.05

i was amazed when i first saw the picture of these fish. till i read further now im disgusted that people could do such a cruel thing.

Posted by: Tracey on 03.21.05

please send information about tank fish and picture

Posted by: sa on 01.06.06

I dont really's done to enhance the natural beauty. so they are shortened within life, but adored by people and that makes life worth while.

Posted by: name Cynthia on 02.06.06

It is sad they are injected with color, but think of the other view. Because they are injected with color, they are loved by people. And because they are loved by people, they are loved and taken care of inside fish tanks, with as much food and breeding partners as they want for life. No predators can harm them, and the species population grows and spreads, which is the only goal in nature, to survive and distribute the species.

Posted by: Robert on 03.14.06

Poor fish...I always feel bad for any fish that has been subjected to any kind of un-natural dying process.

These are some of the worst. It's like for you or I to be injected with fluids by a pencil. The guage needle they use is totally in-appropriate(not that anything could EVER be considered appropriate in this situation).

Don't buy these fish and tell your LFS how they get this way. Tell 'em if they keep stockin' them you will take your buisness elsewhere. Always talk to the manager.

Posted by: Curtis on 03.28.06

injected make this fish sick, and died in a fiew week!believe me, i know it

Posted by: ray on 04.19.06
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