Rock Candy
Rock Candy: A Theme Thursday entry for the theme "Taste:" rock candy always looks so nifty, even if I never have tasted the stuff. Taken August 8, 2002.

that looks neat!

Posted by: melanie on 08.09.02

This would be espescially cool a bit closer in with macro mode. I think this is my favorite; what can I say? I'm a sucker for texture. This Theme Thursday sounds like an interesting idea.

Posted by: matt on 08.13.02

Thanks for the picture, i needed it for a science fair project. Im in 9th grade and i really really appreciate it.It took me forever to find a picture of rock candy that looks that appealing.Peace,and keep it PIMPIN!!!!

Posted by: Kiara Perea on 12.22.03

that photo looks great keep up the good work!!

Posted by: brittany sanborn on 04.13.04

Its looks nice the rock candy that was on the home page i am making it as a project

Posted by: NINA on 05.21.04

That photo is awesome! I never knew rock candy came in so many colors before until now. I needed it for my Science project. I really appreciate it!

Posted by: Jeremiah Weeks on 11.19.04

thanks i really needed this picture for a science fair project and if it wsn't for you this 9th grader wouldn't have gotten the grade she got for her project

Posted by: sharnique on 12.10.04

Thanks! I needed a picture for my science project also!

Posted by: Bryan on 01.23.05

that does look cool is that rock candy on string im making that for my science project

Posted by: somer on 03.07.05

That rock candy looks deliscious. I am making rock candy for my science project. It always works for me but it has never looked that good.

Posted by: Nichole on 03.20.05

All I can say is "dang!!"!!! Where did you find a picture like that? Thanks soooo much, I'm an 8th grader and i needed it for an organic chem. project for school. Best candy pic I've ever seen.

Posted by: Lauren on 04.25.05

Great picture of rock candy! So clear and colorful. Perfect for my science project. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: natalie on 05.01.05

Nice pic !!! It looks really yummy, I am making rock candy for my science project and I am and 8th grader !! Nice job :)

Posted by: Danielle on 05.16.05

Hi, I am the mom of a 7th grader. I was looking for pic's of rock candy for his science project and this pic is great! Thanks.

Posted by: frances on 12.01.05

Thanks sooooooooooo much for making this beautiful picture! I really needed it for my science fair project.I'm a 6TH grader and this is PERFECT for it.

Posted by: Claudia on 09.05.06
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