Cherry Coke
Cherry Coke: A Theme Thursday entry for the theme "Taste:" here's one of my favorite tastes in the world - Cherry Coke! Taken August 8, 2002.

I've never been a fan of soda... but I'm addicted to the Vanilla Cokes. I used to LOVE getting them at Friendly's as a kid.

Posted by: Katie on 08.11.02

hi what's up/ cokes da bset!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: jennifer on 04.16.03

I have so enjoyed reading all of your blogs. They are both beautiful and interesting and your photographs are extraordinary. What a pleasure; thanks so much

Posted by: moo on 11.25.03

Hi! Cool site, very interesting. I first found it by searching for cherry coke. BEST. DRINK. EVER!

Posted by: Danielle on 08.22.04
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