Mopyfish: Steven and I went to The Galleria today for lunch. One of the men's clothing stores has a circular fishtank with all of these beautiful fish in it. I'm not sure what kind they are, but they are the same ones that the virtual pet, Mopyfish, is based on. Mopyfish is one of Steven's pet names for me, so I love this tank. Taken August 4, 2002.
Posted on 08.04.02 in Fish
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Posted by: wyndell on 08.11.02

These are called Blood Parrot Cichlids. They are an artificial hybrid of two cichlids, and have great personalities, and make good pets. However they require a big tank. If you'd like to find out more, check out my Parrot cichlid site:

Posted by: ParrotCichlidGirl on 10.07.03

I love my MOPY fish! And one day I hope to get as many points as possible.
MOPY fish really do make great pets!I have 4 @ home & 1 on my computer.

Posted by: Alex Phillips on 11.25.05

i need stuff for my fish becouse i have payd for sum stuff and it has not cum

Posted by: sian on 01.13.06
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