Hibiscus: This is a hibiscus flower that grows out my the pool in our complex. I think these flowers are just so beautiful. It's my 1000 Words a Day post for today. Taken July 27, 2002.
Posted on 07.27.02 in Nature
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This looks huge. Very nice shot!

Posted by: lynda on 07.28.02

May I use one picture of a hibiscus for a school project. It will not be distributed beyond class. Thank you.

Posted by: Sarah on 11.15.04

i am a hibiscus love and have a nice collection. this kind i like very much. i saved this pict into my picture collection. thank you

Posted by: sreeja on 12.17.04

I like your Hibiscus foto!
and i am loking for a Hibiscus that grows on th tropical island of Bonaire!
Do you have any idea wath color growth there?
Hope to here from you.
greatings Marian

Posted by: Marian on 04.11.05

Beautiful photo. They are such a beautiful flower.

Posted by: Teresa Calverley on 05.12.06

Nice Flower, i wonder where you get it from.

Posted by: Unico on 07.06.06

I am just starting to collect hibiscus. In our country, we call this gumamela. I have some really nice collection but the flowers stay only for a day although some stay for a long time. I wonder why.

Posted by: emilie on 09.03.06
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