Mendhi: My friend Mita got married last year. She's a Hindu so her bridal ceremony was unlike anything I had been to before. It was wonderful and I had a fabulous time at it. She had a lady doing mendhis (temporary henna tattoos) and I had one done on my hand. It was gorgeous, even if it did smell a little. It took a couple of weeks to wear off. Taken August 8, 2001.
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Wow, that's really cool!

Posted by: kristine on 07.27.02

beautiful mendhi.I'm going to be wed soon & would like to have the wedding - hindu-ish/ inspired & I was wondering if you could give me an idea of the type of stuff the bride wore (dress,jewelery) or anything that caught your eye - if not possible:thats fine.ciao :)

Posted by: Valerie on 04.30.03

ooh, gorgeous. I really like the vine effect on your fingers.

Posted by: Cis on 06.19.03

fyi, a couple of my roommates actually are Hindi and I have been assimilated into the culture in the sense that I wear sari's, perform traditional dances, and cook their kind of food, not to mention watch their movies. I must say that since there is so much diversity in India that all of the traditions, although similar vary. Typically the bride wears an intricate red sari, and has her hands and feet covered in Mendhi, or in henna. a large tikka is placed on the head and extensive amounts of jewelry and bindis over the eyebrows. Once again it all depends on the subculture of india you would like to mimic. I do suggest that you understand the inner meanings of what is worn so they have more meaning to you at your wedding. Rent monsoon wedding to see all of the different clothing and jewelry

Posted by: Alexis on 11.03.03

I am in the 9th grade and really enjoy drawing the patterns of henna.I have a nak for getting them just right and adding on to make something new every time.I have a diffrent henna design on my hand every day(there drawn with markers)

Posted by: yasmin sameir on 12.10.03

i love that mendhi

Posted by: pspsvnath on 10.17.05
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